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Who are you?

I’m a 20 something British maths grad and physics PhD who likes helping people understand and learn about said maths and physics and along the way I learn a bit myself. I’m on a number of science related forums (see the right hand list of links) under the handle of ‘AlphaNumeric’ .

What’s the site for?

This site is a replacement for my old university website, which went down once I finished being a student. It’s not meant as a blog, more as a collection of links to other more interesting people and resources to do with mathematics and physics. It’s only just been put online so I’m in the process of uploading the various lecture notes and giving them overview pages. After that I’ll move onto more interesting research areas.

On the fora I’m on I’m generally known for not suffering cranks gladly, having been telling them they are wrong on many things for the better part of a decade now. So many of the same arguments are rehashed so often I’ve long considered slowly compiling a list of regularly refuted claims and now I’m going to put some effort to doing it.

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